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We only reviewed the stock advisor program but Motley Fool also offers a “Rule Your Retirement” program. No comment on that program at the moment as we haven’t had a chance to review it. Been with Motley Fool for 14 years now, starting with Stock Advisor and added other services of theirs. Very happy with the results, and agree with the assessment presented here, excellent research, explanations, transparency and the results rock if you are a long term investor, not a trader. All you need is a Motley Fool Stock Advisor subscription and a brokerage account at any broker. Most competing services charge at least three times the amount of the Stock Advisor Program.

They have a history of providing stock picks that beat the market. Their reputation depends on their ability to provide great stock picks, and that’s exactly what they’ve been doing.

As a member, you will get instant access to a wealth of resources that will help improve your investment returns. Both programs have very similar offerings, and the members’ areas are almost identical. The main difference between the plans is the type of stock picks. Stock Advisor makes stock recommendations using the Fool’s core investment methodology.

We cannot give this answer away since Motley Fool’s double down stock pick is available for paying members. The Stock Adviser program offers a ton of great stock picks every year.

Investment Review

We must respect the fact that Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor program is a premium offering. If we gave away the stock picks, we would be doing a disservice to the hard-working team that compiles the research. It’s also important to note that the stock picks change monthly. As a member, you will have access to a history of all of the previous stock picks as well as two fresh investment ideas every month. This isn’t a stock picking service with a few lucky stock picks.

For example, if they recommend AAPL at $200/share, you can purchase 1 share or 1, 000 shares – it’s up to you. They do a good job of recommending stocks of all prices so the picks are helpful for small accounts too. Motley Fool will provide the stock picks, but you will need to place the trades through your broker. It’s easy to setup an online brokerage account and we’ve reviewed a few on this site.