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Apps not in the Kids Category cannot include any terms in app name, subtitle, icon, screenshots or description that imply the main audience for the app is children. Apps conducting health-related human subject research must secure approval from an independent ethics review board. Apps may, however , use an user’s health or fitness data to provide a benefit directly to that customer, provided that the software is submitted by typically the entity providing the profit, and the data is not really be shared with a new third party. You need to divulge the specific health best online gaming info that you are accumulating from the device. SafariViewController must be used to be able to visibly present information to be able to users; the controller may possibly not be hidden or perhaps obscured by other opinions or layers. In addition , a great app may not employ SafariViewController to track consumers without their knowledge in addition to consent. Permission Apps of which collect user or use data must secure customer consent for the series, even if such info is considered to end up being anonymous during or right away following collection.

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Player IDs in a new manner given the green light by the Video game Center terms , nor show them in the software or to any 3 rd party. 4. 5. 5 Push Notifications must not necessarily be required for typically the app to function, in addition to should not be accustomed to send sensitive personal or perhaps confidential information. Abuse of such services may result inside revocation of your benefits. user data, such since playlists and favorites, need to clearly disclose this accessibility in the purpose thread. Any data collected may not be shared with third parties for any purpose other than supporting or improving the app experience.

, YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, etc. ) without explicit authorization from those sources. Streaming of audio/video content may also violate Terms of Use, so be sure to check before your app accesses those services.

Paid efficiency must not be based mostly on or require a great user to grant accessibility to this data. Programs must also provide typically the customer with an quickly accessible and understandable approach to withdraw consent. Guarantee your purpose strings plainly and completely describe your current use of the info. Apps that collect info for a legitimate curiosity without consent by counting on the terms regarding the European Union’s Basic Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) or similar statute need to comply with all phrases of that law. Your current app is a consumer to get a specific third-party services and users are necessary to sign in with their mail, social media, or perhaps other third-party account immediately to access their articles. A user’s primary bank account is the account they will establish with your software for the purposes regarding identifying themselves, signing found in, and accessing your characteristics and associated services. some. 6 Alternate App IconsApps may display customized device, for example, to indicate a sports team inclination, provided that each alter is initiated by typically the user and the software includes settings to go back to the original image.

5. 1. 5 Location Services Use Location services in your app only when it is directly relevant to the features and services provided by the app. Ensure that you notify and obtain consent before collecting, transmitting, or using location data. If your app uses location services, be sure to explain the purpose in your app; refer to the Human Interface Guidelines for best practices on doing so. As a reminder, Guideline 2. 3. 8 requires that use of terms like “For Kids” and “For Children” in app metadata is reserved for the Kids Category.

All icon variants need to relate to the articles in the app and adjustments ought to be consistent across just about all system assets, so of which the icons displayed found in Settings, Notifications, and so forth complement the new springboard image. This feature may not necessarily be useful for dynamic, programmed, or serial changes, these kinds of as to reflect up to date weather information, calendar announcements, etc. 4. 5. 6th Apps may use Unicode characters that render since Apple emoji in their particular app and app metadata. Apple emoji may not necessarily be used on additional platforms or embedded immediately in your app binary.